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A New Breed of Creative

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  • Experience

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Which is why FARM Creative Market & Art School was built to be anything but. At FARM, creativity grows thanks to a fresh collection of innovative, exciting and (dare we say) fun classes, workshops and events spanning both digital and traditional arts. Young or old, pro or newbie, work or recreation, pencil or pixel, your creative seeds will flourish at FARM.


Whether you're looking to plant new seeds or grow the ones already sprouted, FARM has a whole bunch of creative experiences in the works. Maybe you need to learn something new for professional advancement...maybe you want to just have some fun...or, maybe you're bored and totally over killing time at coffee shops. Whatever the motive, as long as you want to explore your creativity, FARM is ready for ya.


Pixels, code, hardware, software - technology is an expansive canvas and tool for generating vast amounts of wow-worthy creativity and unlocking new forms of modern expression and interaction. FARM's drool-worthy digital setup is the right environment to upgrade your brain.

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more
  • 3D Printing
  • Web Development
  • Programming
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Audio/Music
  • Hybrid w/ Traditional
  • and More

FARM believes "traditional" doesn't have to mean boring. Sure, we're all used to pixels, monitors, keyboards, and mice...but when you unplug your hands, remarkable things can happen. Traditional art helps cultivate expression, patience, individuality, mindfulness, and foundational design principles.

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Mixed Media
  • Charcoal
  • Crafts
  • Theory
  • Hybrid w/ Digital
  • and More

You know, this 'n' that...random creative things to do where you might learn a thing or two, or at a minimum have a fun time with other fun people. FARM is also available for private parties and events, either just as a venue or if you want FARM to help host an activity.

  • Movie Nights
  • Showcases
  • Special Guests
  • Parties
  • Food & Drink
  • Demonstrations
  • and More

Creativity isn't just have-or-have-not nature. Nurture plays a HUGE part in discovering, building and unleashing talent. FARM boosts the nurturing process via four core elements:

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, then arts education should be put in a straight jacket. It has essentially done the same thing for decades, failing to modernize with the rest of the world. At FARM, we take core classic art principles and merge them with modern subjects, modern applications, modern activities, and modern elements. The result? Creative experiences that are relevant, useful and engaging to the minds of today.
Education is a round hole and all people are round pegs, right? Uh, no...nope, nu-uh, no way. Humans are awesomely diverse - different abilities, different perspectives, different understandings, different inspirations, different all kinds of things. Unlocking an individual's creative potential is about connecting with and harnessing that uniqueness, not forcing it into conformity. FARM prioritizes individualized attention, support and encouragement. The result? Skyrocketing self-confidence and tons of "a-ha!" moments.
Creativity is fueled by excitement, passion and motivation. Sadly, all three are easily derailed by boredom. Ever get stuck in a room with flickering fluorescent lights, blank off-white walls and a lukewarm teacher? That's a recipe for clock watching and yawning, not creative fuel. FARM sparks creativity by making the experience and environment captivating - entertaining instruction keeps you pumped, clever coursework lights you up, vivacious staff gets you grinning, and charming digs delight you. The result? Learning becomes fun, irresistible and oh-so-satisfying.
Since creativity loves options, FARM is like a buffet - aside from a handful of broader foundation courses, all classes, workshops and events are designed to be quicker and specialized so that you can pick and choose how you want to focus your talents. Pile up your plate or just have a nibble. You aren't tied to weeks and weeks of coursework when you really only care about a portion of the curriculum. You also aren't tied to an expensive, time-consuming degree like many schools. The result? Your creative experience is efficient, wallet-friendly and (mind blow) truly yours.

Questions & (Hopefully) Useful Answers

"FARM" originated from the concept of cultivating creativity - because creativity isn't just something you buy off Amazon...you have to seed, grow and harvest it. Also, farms blend nature and nurture - that's what FARM does, too, but with creativity being the crop instead of apples and cows. Creativity is in all of us (nature). With the right environment and care (nurture), that creativity can blossom big time.

As for the rest of our name, "Creative Market" is about being a place where people obtain and exchange creative experiences - a hub of sorts. "Art School"...well, that's pretty self-explanatory, right?
FARM is for everyone, including (but nowhere near limited to):
  • Professionals: Develop new and strengthen existing creative skills to increase your value in the workplace, unlock opportunities or help you land a new job.
  • Businesses: Enhance your abilities, empower your business - photography, digital/traditional design, computer tech, and more. For example: don't let crappy product photos kill sales...learn how to take and make wow shots that catch customer eyes.
  • Recreationalists: For those who want to exercise their creative muscles for the fun of it with other fun-minded people.
  • Homeschoolers: If you homeschool your child and find art a tricky subject to guide him/her in, FARM will take the reigns. FARM's homeschool programs meet state standards and will be credited toward your child's education.
  • Supplemental Art Education: If your child is in a traditional school and you find their arts program to be inadequate, FARM will fill in the gaps.
  • Youth: Studies show arts involvement improves communication skills, life skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, behavior, test scores, self-image, and self-expression. FARM's programs and environment can help boost your child's self-esteem and excitement.
  • Families: Shared activities and learning is a great way to have fun and become stronger as a family. At FARM, family classes and events are offered so parents and kids can team-up creatively.
FARM welcomes everyone, with age recommendations/limitations assessed and determined on a class-by-class basis...depends on what's being taught, difficulty of the technique/materials, appropriateness of the subject matter, pre-requisites, etc. The catalog will clearly note any age restrictions for each class.
Firstly, you don't need to "already be good at art" to attend FARM - we love all skill levels and, with our individualized attention, everyone's personal level will be supported and challenged for growth.

Secondly, YES - artistic skills are learnable if you apply passion, patience and open-mindedness. Sorry, no magic wands. But, we promise you this: if you bring those qualities to FARM, you'll learn a lot of cool things and have fun in the process.

Oh, and by the way - nobody sucks at art. Art is a form of expression, and you can't qualify or standardize expression. So, love what you do, love what you make - that is what makes it awesome and totally not sucky.
FARM is a family business looking to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible - part of achieving that is keeping FARM affordable.

Number to number, our rates are very competitive - but, unlike the competition, our numbers are covered in icing and cherries. In other words, you get much more for your moola. Small semi-private class sizes, premium supplies and technology, support outside of class, an engaging environment, selection, promotions, rewards, special events, and more - this high level of value helps keep you and your wallet smiling.
FARM is 2400 sq ft, decorated like (suprise suprise) a farm and divided into themed sections - digital art (barn), traditional art (house), common area (kitchen), and entry/hall (yard). Each art room is limited to 10 students and furnished with top-of-the-line equipment and supplies. The entry/hall is designed to double as a gallery to showcase student and special guest artwork. The common area is a great place to mingle and relax, and will host creative food and drink events.
Yeah, sorry about that. We're still a teensy bit behind in getting our full schedule up and running - this school is a labor of love, so we want to launch classes right, not fast. Expect availability to ramp up as the year progresses. The best way to hear about schedule updates is to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our emails.
FARM was founded by Jack and Darcy Madi.

Jack Madi

Jack: "I have been in love with art since I was 9, when I first saw Superman and started drawing him every chance I got. As an adult, I've been involved in art both in industry and education. Through my experiences, I felt that there was more to it than just brush and canvas or mouse and screen. The time I was most energized with creativity was when I was interacting with others. The collaboration of ideas and the creative processes were rewarding, and it’s what made me most happy. That realization inspired my true passion and calling: teaching.

I have a Master’s in education and a single subject credential in visual and preforming arts, and I've been teaching for about 10 years now. There are so many possibilities in the art world, from traditional to digital, that with my experience and the love and support of my wife, I believe together we will bring something very exciting to the community. We want to establish a school that is accessible to all looking to learn more about their potential and gain confidence.

You can still find me drawing Superman pictures…each time it reminds me of how it felt to be excited about art for the first time, and I get that rush all over again. That excitement I hope to instill in others."

Darcy Madi

Darcy: "I have a lifelong love of creative expression. Framed in our living room is a doodle I made with markers on yellow lined office paper when I was just a year old. Even though that moment of creation is far outside my memory and it is just a crazy mess of squiggles, I look at it now and see nothing but joy and exploration and growth. It is a very important piece of inspiration to me today.

Since that drawing, my seed of creativity sprouted into a tree with all kinds of branches: writing, graphic design, web development, engineering, marketing, painting, decorating, fashion, and sometimes just making random things. My biggest life-long artistic joy, though, is music (singing and songwriting).

What I aim to accomplish at FARM is having others experience the joy of involving themselves with creativity. Art strengthens the mind and empowers the spirit, and the ability to participate in it and have it transform our lives is in all of us. I want to facilitate that potential, generate smiles and encourage a foundation of living and loving a creative life.

At FARM, you'll find me doing general management, admin and teaching assistance. I'm a Taurus, I love cupcakes and my favorite animal is a unicorn."

Teaming up with Jack and Darcy is Carlos Castrejon, who brings experience and expertise to the traditional arts department.

Carlos Castrejon

Carlos: "From a young age I was interested in everything art: books, museums, TV, music, movies, culture, and simply life around me. Born in Mexico, the country's culture was very influential, from the Ancient Aztecs to architecture to Mexican muralism.

After moving to the United States in the 80s, I followed my passion for art - starting with taking art lessons then participating in shows. I further strengthened my involvement in the art community by curating and developing shows for my fellow artists and getting into teaching, all with the goal of helping others challenge, explore and express themselves creatively.

For me, at any moment common objects lose their primary purpose, new structures take shape and artistic potential is revealed. I utilize painting, drawing, sculpture, and found objects across virtually any medium that inspires my vision. I want my creations to spark conversation, emotion and thought.

If I was placed in the world to translate what I see, feel, believe, and experience, I must take my place here as an artist. And I say this to anyone exploring their creativity: when you finish a piece of artwork, you are successful already."


FARM Creative Market & Art School is located in b-e-a-utiful San Diego at Point Loma's NTC Liberty Station, a thriving hub of arts, culture and community.

2590 Truxtun Rd. #106, San Diego, CA 92106

HOURS: Our hours of operation depend on our class schedule, which will vary day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month. So, if you wanna get a hold of us, shoot us a message or call.

NTC at Liberty Station San Diego
Liberty Station San Diego
FARM Creative Market & Art School San Diego


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